• Marti Rogers

    Empowering Women to Build and Sustain Generational Wealth

  • Financial Identity for Women

    An empowered ‘Financial Identity’ builds stability. Becoming financially secure and building legacy is an ongoing process. Your willingness to pursue this journey often brings immediate relief and hope. The more deeply you are connected with your finances, the healthier every area of your life becomes. I can show you how!

  • Client Services

    These are the areas that I help my clients focus upon to increase their financial understanding, security and wealth creation.

    Cash Flow

    When you understand the fundamentals of financial independence, you will have increased confidence when you truly know how to make money, save money and where to put it. Seeing my clients gain immediate hope and confidence with their personalized financial strategy is most rewarding and the beginning stages of Wealth Creation.

    Debt Management

    Alleviating you from the relentless burden of debt and interest is the first step toward financial independence. Beginning with a viable strategy to reduce and eliminate bad debt significantly reduces the downward pressure on your life. Implementing these steps for debt reduction will lead you to Financial Freedom.

    Proper Protection

    Most people feel like they can only handle the basics of survival – like food and shelter. However, when your family depends on your income, postponing such things like saving money, setting up life and asset protection is a critical issue. I will work with you to design a personalized plan to protect your future, your loved ones and empower you to take charge of your financial future.

    Emergency Fund

    It is recommended that you have a minimum of 3-6 months of living expenses saved for unexpected events. Most people are one flat tire away from an emergency. There's no doubt life is full of surprises. But if you’ve just used up your emergency fund to cover your last catastrophe, I can help you design a customized strategy to replenish your savings.

    Wealth Accumulation

    When saving, you want to be sure to consider the effect that taxes can have on your income. Ensuring you are adequately prepared for a confident financial future, the following areas are carefully considered: Securing your retirement. Protecting your family. Preserving your wealth. Whatever your goals, now is the time to explore how I can help you reach your specific goals and create a meaningful future.


    Nearly every working adult dreams of a comfortable and enjoyable retirement. Some questions you may ask yourself regarding your retirement could be: What age do I want to retire? How long will my money last? Am I prepared for my health care needs? Can I afford to travel? Where will I live? I will help you explore your options to help you prepare for these critical years.

    Estate Preservation

    Without a personal legal strategy, the value of your estate could be eroded by federal and estate taxes. By drawing from a team of professionals, I assist in bringing an array of strategies to safeguard what you have built. Having the right guidance will help structure a plan to take care of the people who matter most to you.

  • Products & Providers you can Trust

    “As a WFG licensed financial professional, I am committed to offering you power of choice and flexibility” ~Marti Rogers

    One size almost never fits all when it comes to your financial needs and goals. I offer world-class investment programs and strategies from over 200 trusted providers. The following are just a few preferred providers that address core issues to bring key solutions to families, business owners and individuals.

    Invest now for the future you want later.

    Your life. Your goals. Your future.

    Plan, invest and protect your savings

    Retire Fearlessly.

  • About Marti

    How My Story Got Me Here to Help You!

    Marti Rogers


    Hi. I’m Marti Rogers, a financial professional focusing on women.


    I became an expert after caring for my mom as she was dying. Dealing with her estate after I lost her was exhausting and difficult. I was dismissed in the world of finance and I saw it happening to other women as well. I couldn’t let that continue. I learned how money works and how it can set us free to pursue our purpose.


    Now my life is bigger and my children have their retirement structured and guaranteed. I can help you do the same for you and those you love.


    It starts as an inside job releasing shame and core wounds around money. It starts with knowing your enough-ness and then following the fundamentals. Once you know how money really works and how it can set you free—you’re on the road to find out what you’re really meant to do.


    I am a California licensed financial professional. If my clients don’t make money, I don’t either. I look forward to working with you!


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  • What Clients Say

    Jinx Kinslow, Kinslow Coaching & Consulting, Kinslow Enterprises & Investments LLC's

    Petaluma, CA


    I met Marti through the community of Thriving Women in Business in March of 2018. I got to know her a little bit within a group of women on a Mexican Cruise. Following the trip, we continued building a friendship, in which I learned she is a very sophisticated and savvy financial professional. Marti thrives from teaching, helping, and serving people, especially women, in all their financial aspects and needs. She is most compassionate and sincerely committed.


    Marti worked with me for several months, so that together, we could ensure the perfect investment/life protection plan for me and my family's needs. The plan also includes protections should I become ill or disabled, I can get funds for care, so my grown kids can continue to live their own lives. Throughout the application process, Marti was consistent in listening, follow up, communicating, and completing many tasks to get the policies to completion. Marti is the one female friend and financial professional with a loving heart of gold, along with a wealth of knowledge for us all.

    Amber Wright, Artist, Spiritual Entrepreneur, and Financial Educator

    Near Seattle, WA



    I am so fond of Marti Rogers! She is my mentor and teaching me how to grow and develop in my new career. There is so much information and I am excited to learn what she has to offer. With ease, she takes me through the steps and provides the wisdom she has developed from experience. I love how she considers what is inside others: their needs, their ideas and dreams. She tailors her message and advice to fit other people's needs and goals. She knows that what works for one may not work for another.


    She listens and acknowledges others, genuinely wanting what is best for them. She empowers people with the knowledge they did not yet have and allows the space for them to make their own choices. Marti has helped me personally restructure my family’s future including positioning my children with a guaranteed financial stability later in their lives. What I know now gives me tremendous relief, that I have these things in place, brings a sense of stability I had no idea existed before.

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