• "Courageous Wealth requires an unwavering willingness to apply the mindset and knowledge for financial independence and freedom."

    Marti Rogers

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    These are the areas that I help my clients focus upon to increase their financial understanding, security and wealth creation.

    Cash Flow

    When you understand the fundamentals of financial independence, you will have increased confidence when you truly know how to make money, save money and where to put it. Seeing my clients gain immediate hope and confidence with their personalized financial strategy is most rewarding and the beginning stages of Wealth Creation.

    Debt Management

    Alleviating you from the relentless burden of debt and interest is the first step toward financial independence. Beginning with a viable strategy to reduce and eliminate bad debt significantly reduces the downward pressure on your life. Implementing these steps for debt reduction will lead you to Financial Freedom.

    Proper Protection

    Most people feel like they can only handle the basics of survival – like food and shelter. However, when your family depends on your income, postponing such things like saving money, setting up life and asset protection is a critical issue. I will work with you to design a personalized plan to protect your future, your loved ones and empower you to take charge of your financial future.

    Emergency Fund

    It is recommended that you have a minimum of 3-6 months of living expenses saved for unexpected events. Most people are one flat tire away from an emergency. There's no doubt life is full of surprises. But if you’ve just used up your emergency fund to cover your last catastrophe, I can help you design a customized strategy to replenish your savings.

    Wealth Accumulation

    When saving, you want to be sure to consider the effect that taxes can have on your income. Ensuring you are adequately prepared for a confident financial future, the following areas are carefully considered: Securing your retirement. Protecting your family. Preserving your wealth. Whatever your goals, now is the time to explore how I can help you reach your specific goals and create a meaningful future.


    Nearly every working adult dreams of a comfortable and enjoyable retirement. Some questions you may ask yourself regarding your retirement could be: What age do I want to retire? How long will my money last? Am I prepared for my health care needs? Can I afford to travel? Where will I live? I will help you explore your options to help you prepare for these critical years.

    Estate Preservation

    Without a personal legal strategy, the value of your estate could be eroded by federal and estate taxes. By drawing from a team of professionals, I assist in bringing an array of strategies to safeguard what you have built. Having the right guidance will help structure a plan to take care of the people who matter most to you.

  • About Marti

    Hi. I’m Marti Rogers, a financial strategist helping those whose goal is to have more money, time and freedom.

    Marti Rogers

    Licensed Financial Strategist

    I have always been passionate about helping others excel and move forward in their lives with greater confidence and impact.
    I was compelled to become a financial expert after I took the role of advocate for the care of my mom when she was in the late stages of illness.
    Dealing with her estate after she passed was complex and difficult. But, I learned how money works and became more savvy about financial matters that affect everyone.
    However, I soon found that I was dismissed in the world of finance and saw it happening to others as well. I just couldn’t let that continue.
    I was already a natural advocate for others, so I used my expertise to help them with their finances so they could also be set free to pursue their purpose and goals.
    I find it extremely rewarding to help guide people through some of the most stressful times of their lives by helping them achieve clarity about their future and achieve certainty of their financial destiny.
    Now my life is bigger and my children have developed the confidence to structure their finances to secure specific goals most important to them. I can help you do the same for you and loved ones.
    I am licensed in state of California, Nevada, Washington, Texas, Massachusetts, New York and Maryland . If my clients don’t make money, I don’t either. I look forward to working with you!

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